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How to hunt for leads with

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

In today’s technologically charged world, the need to find, verify, and contact your customers quickly and efficiently is critical; it can be the difference between a successful business and an unsuccessful one.

There are many different kinds of software that you can use to find and verify them quickly. But there is no better way to do all of those things than with is the ideal way to track down sales prospects by ethically locating and verifying the professional email addresses of the individuals needed to make a successful sale by using the following tools:

  • Domain search

  • Email finder

  • Email verifier

  • Bulk tasks

And in only a few simple steps, you too can easily create a list of professional email addresses for all of your sales and prospecting needs.

Method 1: Domain Search

This tool gives you the ability to find the email address of any potential sales prospect by having you enter the website’s domain and have search the site for that address.

All you need to do is insert the web address of the company you are prospecting in the search bar. Then look for the desired email addresses from the list of prospects through the different tags, departments, or use the search bar to find those most likely to buy your product. Then use the sources that the site provides to determine if they are the right prospect for your product.

After that, add all of the desired addresses to your lead list by clicking the save leads button. That will add the email address to your leads page, but we’ll get to that later.

And there you go! You now know how to use the domain search function of this program. This tool is an excellent way to do a quick comb over a company’s email list.

But what if you wanted to find one specific prospect, but you are only armed with their name and business? Well, the next tool we are going to use is for you.

Method 2: Email Finder

What happens when you have a prospect’s name and company but can’t find their email address? Well, you use the email finder tool, of course! This tool allows you to take your prospect’s name and the company of your prospect and help you find them using this tool.

All you have to do with this tool is take the first name, last name, and the company of the prospect you are trying to locate and insert them into the search bar.

And once you do that, you locate the desired Email and Save it to your leads list. And that is how you find a prospect’s Email address using the Email finder tool.

So what happens if you are given an email address but don’t entirely trust its validity? You use the email verifier tool.

Method 3: Email Verifier

Okay, so you just got the address of your desired prospects, but you want to test their validity before sending it? Well, this tool is for you.

All you need to do is take the email address and insert it into the search bar. This will instantly take that address and verifies the address’s format, domain information to make sure that the email is one that you can use.

And once its test is done, It will present you with the data it collected.

Now, what happens if you get your hands on a large number of your prospect names or domains and don't want to insert each lead individually? You use the next tool on our list.

Method 4: Bulk tasks

By using the bulk task function allows you to do all of the tasks you would do with the previous functions. But on a larger scale by creating and verifying a list of your prospects.

If you ever find yourself with a large number of leads but don’t have the time to look through them all individually. This is the tool you’ll want to use.

The first thing you’ll want to do is to pick the function you would like to use. Like the previous tools, this function allows you to find and verify the email addresses of prospects by using the company's domain, names of employees, and verify addresses, but in bulk, with only a few simple steps.

In order to use this tool, you’ll need to

  1. Pick a name for the domain search

  2. Decide whether you want to search by domain or company names

  3. Enter the list of prospects into the box

After you’ve done that, you are going to have to set the filters and options.

This is where you can tell how you would like it to present your data. By choosing the number of emails shown, the kind of emails presented (generic or professional), and what departments you would like to be searched

And once you’re done setting the filters and parameters. Click upload to review the results of your search.

Now that you have found and saved your leads, you can compile them into one easy-to-access list by clicking on the leads tab at the top of the page.

This is where you can access all of the leads you've acquired while using tools provided by this program. is a fantastic and easy-to-use piece of software, that makes the grueling and time-consuming task of tracking down and verifying leads and email addresses by cutting down the time needed to do so dramatically. So by doing this, you can spend more time crafting your sales pitch and interacting with your customers.

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