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How to Create an Email Campaign With

Do you need to create a custom email campaign with a large number of prospects quickly, or do you need to find a list of leads but don’t know where to find them? Well, you’re in luck! With, you can do just that with incredible speed and efficiency. is an email tracking tool that allows you to quickly and ethically track down the professional email address of any prospect by plugging in a company's domain into the software, in addition to allowing you to verify any address you encounter by using their email verifier.

With, finding prospects and creating email campaigns has never been easier. And with this step-by-step guide, I’ll show you exactly how to use this software to create custom email templates, track campaign activity, and, most importantly, create email campaigns using

Finding Leads

Before you make your template, and before you make the campaign, you will need to find some leads. And in order to find leads, you are going to need to accomplish four simple steps

  1. find the company you would like to find a lead for

  2. Type or copy and paste the companies web address

  3. Use to verify the wither the leads are verified and active

  4. Save the leads

Because this tutorial will be focusing on creating an email campaign, I’ll be going over the basic domain search. If you would like to know how to find leads using all of the methods provides, click here to access my tutorial on how to find leads with the software.

Domain Search

With the domain search, you can track down every company email address that has appeared on the internet, and is the fastest and easiest way to track down leads with

To find a lead using this process, you need to either type or copy and paste in the web address of a company you are identifying leads for.

After that, all you need to do is choose and save the desired leads.

Note: You can view how viable the lead is by moving your mouse over the green circle right next to the email address.

Now that we have quickly gone over how to find leads, we can move forward with what you can do with those leads.

Making an Email Campaign

Now that you know how to find leads, just rinse and repeat that same process until you have the desired amount of leads. We can move on to making your campaign.

So, now we just have to complete a handful of simple steps.

Before we start those steps, we need to go to the campaign menu, where you can not only make new campaigns, but you can also review previous campaigns, create email templates, and access your account settings.

Step 1. Click on the “New campaign” button. That will take you to the content step of creating a campaign. Here in the content phase, you can write the message you will be sent to your prospects, choose the email address you will send the campaign to, and choose from a premade template (we’ll get to that later).

Step 2. Write up the subject and write your pitch. For this example, we’ll be writing an email for Acme Surplus Adventuring Gear, Inc. We’ll be sending out a campaign trying to get the attention of the local adventuring guilds in the area.

After you write up your pitch, there are a number of things you can do. You can:

  1. Scroll down and add some additional features to your email. First, you can add an unsubscribe function to your email. And secondly, you can have track how many prospects open up your email and track how many of your prospects click on the links you might have in your email.

  1. You can draft and schedule a follow-up email if the prospect doesn’t respond.

Now that you have written up your initial pitch and follow-up pitches, we can move on to the next step.

The next step you'll need to take is to add our leads to your campaign. And in order that you just need to click on the “Add people” button in the middle of the page.

Once you do that, you can choose three different methods of adding your prospects to your campaign. 1. Add prospects from your leads list, 2. add your leads via a spreadsheet, or 3. add your prospects manually.

Add Prospects From Leads List

This method is pretty simple: click the “From leads” tab on the menu, then click the add leads tab on the screen.

Add Prospects From File

For this method, you first need to choose the leads list’s destination, then click on the select a file tab on the menu. Then upload the file.

Note: when creating the sheet you plan on uploading, you need to separate the selected leads with a semicolon and have at least one email address attached to the file.

Add Prospects Manually

To add a prospect to your campaign manually, you just need to type in the address in the box on the screen.

Note; when adding the address to the list, you either need to separate your leads with a comma or enter a single address per line.

Reviewing and launching your campaign

Now that you have found your leads, wrote up a pitch and a follow-up pitch and chosen your list of prospects. We can now review and launch your campaign.

All you need to do now is review your emails, add some personal touches depending on the prospect, and then launch. It’s that easy.

Bonus Section: Creating Custom Email Templates

To create a custom email template, you first need to click on the Templates tab located on the campaign menu’s left side.

While in the Templates menu, click on the tab of the new template located at the top of the menu.

After that, you can create your custom template then save it by clicking the create template tab at the bottom of the screen.


With, finding leads and creating email campaigns have never been easier. With this software, you can spend more time building your pitches and connecting with your customers by dramatically cutting down the time needed to find leads. It is all while being a straightforward tool to use that ethically finds and verifies potential prospects’ email addresses, making one of the best and most valuable tools any salesperson could have in their arsenal.

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