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Hi My name is Kobe Carbajal

A Little bit about me.

Born on August 28-2000, in Fountain Valley California, and raised in a small town called Lewiston. Eternal student, landscaper, grocery clerk, fashion enthusiast, lifelong lover of all things fiction, and eternal hard worker. I've made it my lifelong goal to continually learn and acquire as many skills and experiences as I can

My passions tend to lie in the realms of fiction, such as:

Comics, movies, games, books, and tabletop RPGs

But I have recently found new found love for fashion and similar forms of self-expression, like:

Hair, clothes, etc.

And most importantly, I'm a lover of hard work and effort. Ever since I was young, I was always pushed to find odd jobs in our community in an effort to build a good work ethic. If I ever wanted something that wasn't an essential need, I had to earn it. So to fuel any of my passions, I had first to find a trade, find clients, and build a positive relationship with them.

Such tasks include:

Mowing lawns, trimming trees and hedges, painting decks, and the occasional house sitting job.

But now, I'm currently participating in a business apprenticeship program by the name of Praxis in an effort to grow, adapt, and evolve,  not only in a professional sense but also in a personal sense.

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